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Jun 12 17

Attendance award!

Year 3

Last week, Year Three won the attendance award, not only for having the best attendance in the school, but for having 100%! Well done! Take a look at the picture of us below with our trophy!

Jun 8 17


Year 4

During, our focus on blogs this week in Computing, it came to our attention that the class blog has been neglected recently!

Therefore the children were set the task of writing an entry for our blog. They could write about anything as long as it was related to school. Have a look at a couple of examples below:

 Hannah’s Blog

Faye and Harry’s Blog



May 2 17

Monkeying Around in the Jungle

Year 1

Year One had a fun time in PE on Friday afternoon with Mr Stickland. The hall was turned into an imaginary jungle as all the little monkeys had lots of fun making their way around the jungle assort course!

May 2 17

Ted’s Adventures with Charlie

Year 1

Ted had another fun weekend at Charlie’s house … they had lots and lots of fun!

On Friday afternoon, Ted walked home with Charlie, they were both everso sensible and Ted was very tired when they got in. That night was a treat for Ted as they got to have a sleepover in Charlie’s brother’s bedroom. Ted was very well behaved and brushed his teeth well before settling down for the night.

On Saturday Ted and Charlie had a lovely time together. Ted has told me that drawing was his favourite part … and he has learnt lots of new skills from watching Charlie draw some fab pictures. Ted was treated to some delicious food at lunchtime. He was a little bit cheeky and pinched a piece of cucumber off of Charlie’s plate … shhhhh don’t tell Charlie.

May 2 17

Ted’s Adventures with Holly

Year 1

Another busy weekend for Ted at Holly’s house, and boy oh boy did they have fun!

Ted and Holly were quite tired after school on Friday after all of the work they had being doing, but they were up bright and early on Saturday and full of beans.

Holly took Ted to the pet shop on Saturday, it was a very exciting shop. They saw some rabbits, guinea pigs and some tiny baby mice. When they got home, Ted was treated to a story read beautifully by Holly. Ted has told me that he is reading a lot better after watching Holly read her book.

Ted had a lovely peaceful sleep on Sunday night, all ready for school again on Monday morning.

May 2 17

Trip to the Synagogue

Year 3

Today, Year three were very lucky to visit a Synagogue to learn more about the place of worship and Jewish traditions. We learnt some interesting facts about the clothes they wear to Synagogue, important parts inside, including the Torah and the food they eat at Shabbat and Passover (we even got to try some of it!). There are some photographs below that show some of the fantastic things we got to look at!

Mar 23 17

The Living Rainforest

Year 3

On Wednesday 22nd March 2017, Year Three went on a fantastic trip to the Living Rainforest. The children enjoyed a brilliant tour all about amazing adaptations in tropical rainforests. This included poisonous frogs, snakes and loud toucans! We also got to see a sloth (even though she was asleep in a tree!). The day ended with a trip to the playground outside. A great day, lots of learning and excellent behaviour! Take a look at some of the pictures below!

Mar 21 17


Year 3

Year Three have been exploring plants that can grow in a range of different conditions. Last week, we investigated growing cress in groups using a fair test – changing one factor. Some of us planted in sand, some in the fridge and some without any oxygen (using cling film). Already, we can see some growth! Take a look at our before and after pictures!



Mar 10 17

Ted’s Adventure with Kate

Year 1

Ted had a lovely weekend at Kate’s house, he was so tired when he came back to school on Monday but Kate has told us that he did behave himself.

On Friday after school, Ted went along to Rainbows with Kate where they had lots of fun. Ted met some of Kate’s friends and also got to do some baking. The fun didn’t stop there though as it was Kate’s brother’s birthday and they went for a delicious meal at Prezzo in Rickmansworth. Kate and Ted ate stretchy mozzarella followed by yummy pesto pasta. Ted was a bit cheeky slurping all of Kate’s drink!

Ted was lucky on Saturday as he got to meet Kate’s Uncle and Auntie, he even got a kiss on the cheek from both of them. Ted thought Uncle Ed was very funny, they kept making funny faces togather.

On Sunday, Ted had a bath in the washing machine, he felt so clean and fresh afterwards and enjoyed a game of Cluedo with Kate and her mummy. The weekend was finished with a bit of tae kwon do at Kate’s club.

They did have fun!

Mar 10 17

Salvation themed day in Year One

Year 1

In Year One today we have been thinking about the Holy week. We have been very artistic this morning creating pictures of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and this afternoon we’ve been hunting for Easter clues around the playgrounds and decoratinging Easter biscuits with Year Five.